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Andy Lau Give All His Assets to Malaysia’s Women

Andy Lau is known as the actor speaks Mandarin very stingy about his personal life. Andy Lau is also very secretive about his marriage to former Malaysian beauty queen, Carol Chu.

The couple had been married one year ago. Both were married secretly and was deliberately kept secret from the public. In fact, for the sake of covering the wedding, 27 September 1961-born actor was still claim single in front of his fans.

Reportedly, Andy Lau with Carol Choo actually been dating for 25 years. New 2009 and then, both married. Marriage is not exposed. Apparently, Andy Lau is very dear and believe in his wife. Evidently, he gave almost all his wealth, amounting to billions of dollars to the woman.

In order to be able to hide his wife from the chase media, the actor purposely bought a luxury apartment for the woman. The apartment is located in Kowloon, Hong Kong. The apartment was newly purchased this year. The apartment was purchased in the name of the brother of his wife. It is quoted from AsianPopular, Thursday, October 7, 2010.

Not only that, the star of the movie ‘Infernal Affairs was also handed over two of his plantation companies that are in the area Kadoorie Hill, Hong Kong to his wife’s family is big. At first, the plantation ownership in the name of Andy Lau‘s father.

Andy Lau’s wealth given to the wife and her family did not stop there. Secretly, the actor also gave money from the sale of two properties to his brother-in-law.



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