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Be Magazine Cover, Hayley Williams falter

Hayley Williams, vocalist of Paramore, reportedly being undecided deal with Cosmopolitan magazine photo shoot that will be lived. The reason for this popularity Hayley always tried to avoid, unless with his band.

In addition to avoid excessive popularity, Hayley also admitted often uncomfortable when he had to look feminine too sexy. Fortunately, after a photo shoot with glamorous gowns, Hayley admitted relief and a new figure.

“I want to talk about the cover of Cosmo As always I said, I do not care and I wear clothes semauku. I often stand in the queue Target (U.S. retailer) and see beautiful women in the row of a magazine cover. And I thought, Ugh, is this will happen!? and realized that the next month, on a magazine cover girl was me. Hypocrisy right ?!?!” Hayley wrote in his blog.

Noooo. This is the problem. Goal # 1I when the band started was to make myself invisible. I refused many offers of a magazine cover. I remember I once refused to Blender magazine when I was 19 years old. No one knows. But no necessarily make me less public attention. So now I try another way. We all have a role in our own Paramore. And finally, I will accept my role. I will accept the image of powerful woman . I will make that role to make a difference, he continued .

Red-haired girl also admitted this experience set him free. Hayley also hope that this magazine cover will inspire the fans to be confident with themselves. He added, I hope with more magazines provide opportunities for girls like me, there will be more opportunity to be a unique, powerful, strong on every weakness, confidence for any shortcomings.



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