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Britney Spears Write Songs for Selena Gomez

One of Selena Gomez’s new song will be written by his own idol singer, Britney Spears. The song is reportedly called Whiplash. According to Aceshowbiz, the single is likely to be recorded for an upcoming album which will be released on June 28, 2011.

Britney itself was not really used to write songs even for himself. But he actually praised by songwriter Heather Bright for not trying to make songs that may not be included within his expertise. She (Britney) honest. And he treats songwriter and producer with the respect and trust, says Heather.

In other words, Britney‘s willingness to write a song for Selena is something special. Selena was idolized Britney itself known. Selena revealed, Britney concert was the first concert that he follow. At that time, I get t-shirts and glow sticks. I remember it as one of the important moments in my life. I felt really happy, said Selena.

Selena even planning to sing some songs Britney in concert, as a tribute to Britney. Justin Bieber lovers will sing songs that Britney hits like Baby One More Time and Toxic. He also admitted probably will mimic Britney’s new movements.



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