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Gwen Stefani: Just Me Who Able to Make Up My Face.

According to Gwen Stefani (41), carrying a hairdresser in the tour is a luxury in her life. Instead, I’m Stefani, she still did not trust others to handle her makeup.

No Doubt singer is pity that he would not have a stylist for the tour that follows again soon. For some of the last tour, I bring hair stylist, which is a luxury in my life. I thought, Why do not I do it themselves all the time?, he told Elle magazine U.S. output.

Meanwhile, about makeup, Stefani, who is famous for her red lipstick, has been obsessed with makeup since she was young. He chose for applying cosmetics to her face alone during their tour, because he believes that he is the only person who can do it right.

I’ve been working on since being in seventh grade (junior grade 1). We havehave a home business ( forcosmetics )and they bring someone to show you how to make up the face .I could draw and paint .That’smy background ,he said .

“I learned from makeup stylist, but in the past I really have a problem with the makeup of the face. I remember my first experience with a makeup stylist is doing my makeup for album of No Doubt, which had been circulated before, he continued.

Remember the past and see how ugly I was back then. It was the worst makeup. Since then, I think, I’m not going to let one my makeup, because they can not do it, he said again.



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