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Lady GaGa Eligible Respect on ‘GLEE’

Age career of pop singer, known by the name Lady GaGa is still not long but it does not mean she has no accomplishments. Because it also feels worthy achievement if Ryan Murphy made ​​a special episode in the series for Lady GaGa GLEE. The plan of this particular episode will be longer than usual duration.

From the news reported by Splash News obtained information that a special episode of Lady GaGa will be duration of 90 minutes, or longer duration of 30 minutes from the regular episodes. Not much information circulating about the story plot that will be offered a special episode that will air this April 26 but less is more, this episode will use the song Born This Way as the foundation.

In the same news was also mentioned that later Glee Club will display the song Born This Way is once again taking lessons from the lyrics of this song. They will learn to accept yourself as it is, exactly the same message to be conveyed through the song is Lady GaGa. At almost the same time, Lady GaGa themselves also release a new single titled Judas that was launched on 19 April.



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