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Lindsay Lohan Be A Gangster’s Daughter

Failed to become the icon of pornography, Linda Lovelace, Lindsay Lohan seems to have remained quiet job. The proof, there’s still interested in signing the actress who is often problematic. Reportedly, Lindsay Lohan is now in the final stages of negotiations for the role of Victoria, daughter of John Gotti, the mafia famous.

Plans to create a biopic about John Gotti had been there since long and now the studio is busy looking for candidates cast in this film. Although not yet confirmed but it seems Lindsay Lohan will get a role this Victorian. If this news is true then this is the first contract signed by Lindsay Lohan after she graduated from rehab.

In the same news was also mentioned that Lindsay Lohan is not the only star who tried to get a role in this film. John Travolta is also in the negotiation stage to portray the main character in this movie, aka the John Gotti himself. That said, the film itself was ready to enter the production period due to fund approximately U.S. $ 75 million already disbursed to the cost of film production.



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