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Natalie Portman Believe Superstition

Superstition found not only in Indonesia, even abroad there who believe in superstition. There’s even a Hollywood actress who believe mystical about it like that, for example, is Natalie Portman.

Natalie Portman is one of those who believe in superstition. The proof he will not buy goods relating to the baby before the baby was born in the world. Belief may stem from Jewish culture because it comes from a Jewish family Natalie.

BLACK SWAN movie star it would indeed pregnant with the son of Benjamin Millepied. Although pregnancy is going well, they decided to wait before her son was born to buy stuff for the baby. This is related to trust his wife.

“Right now my back will feel less comfortable when sitting for too long. But everything is very good, said 29-year-old Oscar winner was.



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