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Paris Hilton Accused of Hold Jewelry Loan

AN insurance company based in Munich, Paris Hilton sued in New York. Heir of the Hilton Hotel network was accused of not return jewelry worth U.S. $ 60 thousand, which lent jewelry maker Damiani of Italy in 2007.

The lawsuit states, knickknacks in question was included in the luxury goods that were stolen from Hilton‘s house in Los Angeles in December 2008. At that time, 30-year-old socialite was lost clothing, jewelry, and various other valuables worth a total of U.S. $ 2 million.

But, continued the suit, the police finally found the back of the stolen goods it back to the Hilton next year. However, after that reality show star has continued to store jewelry and do not return the loan.

Still, Hilton’s spokesman rejected allegations by Allianz Global it.

We just received the complaint, but it is clear that it is not based on fact. Among other things, none of the Hilton team who once told the insurance company, that the stolen goods had been returned Damiani. We do not know of any goods whatever Damiani found by police, only imitation jewelery found,said Hilton spokesman was quoted as saying the site



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