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Played As Mary Magdalene, the Catholic Angry to GAGA

After the video clip that simply amazing to Born This Way, this time Lady GaGa cause considerable controversy with the concept of the video clip for the new song, Judas. GAGA plans to portray Mary Magdalene in her music later, which no doubt has angered a Catholic foundation.

Laurieann Gibson, the creative director for the video clips have been confirmed this news. Gibson also added that Norman Reedus, Hawaii FiveO star, will compete with GAGA role as Judas.

I think people will be surprised at how large and unusual messages delivered, as well as how liberating its message to all things. And this will shock the world, Gibson promises.

The process has been stepped on second day of filming, as the singer wrote in Twitter account, a video directed by my sister @ boomkack Judas was the most delightful and artistic moments in my career. This isis best work we’ve ever done .Day 2.

Unfortunately, the spirit of GAGA and his crew should have unpleasant response from a Catholic foundation called the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. A leader of the Foundation stated that the decision to portray Mary Magdalene GaGa irrelevant.

I think GaGa will become increasingly irrelevant. He felt that he would be different. He will destroy the Christian role model to cover nonberbakatannya, also a dull appearance. (He is) one more Catholics who turn away, said Bill Donohue, spokesman talk this foundation.



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