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Deodorant Cause Breast Cancer Just Myths

Excessive sweating can cause bacteria to multiply in the skin and cause unpleasant smells. That’s why is recommended to use a deodorant after bathing. But is the use ofanti-bacterial deodorant this would cause breast cancer?
Until now there is no scientific research proving that deodorants cause breast cancer.The claim arose because of allegations of chemicals contained in the deodorantproduct is absorbed by the skin of toxins that inhibit the expenditure in the armpit whenthe body sweats. Also mentioned is not out toxins that would cause cancer.
Research shows even the most powerful deodorant could not inhibit all the sweat from the armpits. Chemical constituents that may be suspected of causing cancer that can beprocessed in the kidneys for excreted in urine.
Sweating is not the only way the body to remove toxins. Meanwhile, fear of chemicalscontained in deodorants products, like phthalates and parabens in the ingredientspengharumnya, if not absorbed by the body was proven to cause breast cancer.



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