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Effects of Walking Ball Games

Is bustling found a big ball game that people can enter and walk on water or known by walking ball. But it turns out this game and save some risk of injury.

Type of leisure activity has become very popular. Someone will be included in a large transparent ball that floats on water or grass, while the person is walking forward then it will look like a hamster who play on wheels.

Recreation arena is usually done at the amusement park, carnival or event in the shopping center. Generally, children love this activity and even some of them bought for its own use at home.

But without realizing it’s the only way for that person can get out is when someone outside the open hole on the ball. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the United States said the risk of injury or death may occur if the person inside the ball to feel depressed.

CPSC reported that someone who previously had health problems such as interference with the respiratory, heart or lung disease may show a worsening of symptoms while playing with the ball running was, as quoted from Medicalnewstoday, Saturday (04/09/2011).

Meanwhile there are also other risks associated with this game as:

Shortness of breath due to air-tight ball, the condition is due to the decreased oxygen levels while levels of CO2 (carbon dioxide) increases. Within minutes the air quality inside the ball can cause serious harm.
Drowning, if the ball is walking on water is leaking and water will enter. While people inside the ball will not get out without any outside assistance.
Injury, the ball is generally not a protector, so if the ball collided with one another or touching something hard then it could pose a risk of injury.

Some countries are now there who refused to give permission for this game, while other countries provide strict rules associated with this game. Although it looks simple and fun, this game could pose some risk to players.



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