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Eva Longoria’s Tears After Divorce

Hollywood star Eva Longoria in tears when for the first time talked about his divorce with basketball player Tony Parker.

Tears welled in the eyes of the stars of Desperate Housewives this when talking with Rachel Ray about parting with these athletes, and also that there is still a bit strange at this time if there is a man who asked her to go out.

I’m very domestic, so I have a strong identity as a wife. And then, found myself again outside the lives of others, it not only challenging, it’s fun. It’s like, here it is! she said.

But then she added, I’m not the usual greeting in the street. I have a signature event for the book last night and also today, in which there are many men who like, I‘ll read your book so you can come, she said.

I’m like, ahhh! I do not want to give my book back! Because I’m not very good at it, I became very nervous! It may seem strange, I am not a good date. Previously I have been married or are in a bonding relationship, and this (date) would be scary. she said.

Also Longoria explained what he really wanted after separating from the basketball player. Being a mother and have children, she said.



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