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If Gay Want Blood Donation, Gay Should Fasting Sex 10 Years

London, As judged discriminatory ban for gays to become blood donors in the UK finallywithdrawn. But there are conditions to be met, namely gay that would be donors shouldnot have sex in the last 10 years.

The provision was implemented to ensure that potential donors are completely free frominfection of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). By not having sex for 10 years, is expected if the HIV positive then the virus will be detected during inspection.

HIV can escape inspection if still within the window period, ie when the virus is stillactive. When a gay man infected with HIV, then the next few months is a time windowand are not necessarily detectable virus in their blood.

10 years is considered sufficient to determine whether a free gay HIV through blood tests. Window period for HIV is generally only a few months, so if in 10 years is not thatrisky sexual activity, the results of blood tests would be more accurate.

This new policy will be announced by the British Public Health Minister, Anne Milton in the coming weeks. Quoted from the Telegraph on Monday (11/04/2011), this policy hasalso received support from various parties including the Ministry of Equality Britain.

Homosexuals, especially gay in the UK for blood donors may not be as it is considereda high risk of transmitting HIV. According to data from Terrence Higgins Trust in 2009,HIV infection in the UK‘s most common in gay people that is 42 percent.

However, the prohibition to donate blood, considered discriminatory by groupsconcerned about human rights because not all gays behave unsafe. Not a few gaycouples are faithful to their permanent or even celibate aka no sex at all.



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