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"I’m Pregnant Bin Laden’s Grandson "

LONDON – Former British athlete pole dance which had a miscarriage when it contains Osama Bin Laden’s twin grandsons last year is now pregnant again. He returned containing the grandson of the most wanted terrorist suspects in the world as surrogator (people who rent out her womb to bear children of others).
This is the fifth time Louise Pollard underwent IVF (in vitro fertilization) to give the child the son of Bin Laden, Omar (30 years) and a British wife Zaina (55 years). Daily Mail on Monday (4/11/2011), reported, Pollard who lived in a flat owned by Bristol city council will be paid 10,000 pounds (equivalent to USD 141 million) after the child was born.
Pollard miscarried twins last September after he was attacked while on holiday with Mrs Bin Laden, formerly known as Jane Felix-Browne before he converted to Islam. Pollard is 10 weeks pregnant when she was attacked by two unidentified men as she walked alone back from the cafe to the inn late at night.
Omar and Zaina split up after the miscarriage was in the midst of claims that Omar was mentally ill, but now they are together again even though Omar told the Daily Mail in September last year that “there is no chance at peace.”
Pollard, who has a four-year-old son named Jaden and used to be a pole dancer also told the Daily Mail last September that he would not try to be the one who provides her womb for the couple’s child and that the eggs Zaina is no longer feasible because of his age.
But he later said, a tear-filled conversation for an hour with Omar’s wife changed her mind. He said, “Zaina said I was the only woman in the world who could have her baby. She said she could not do with other people. He’s really devastated and begged me. They want a baby that will have a British passport.
Pollard also spoke about a number of his visit to the house of Omar and Zaina at a secret location in the Middle East and exposed Omar addiction video game Call of Duty. Pollard said, “On one occasion I was sitting there playing Call of Duty on PlayStation with Omar and I just sit and think, I play video games with the son of Osama Bin Laden! We often play games together but he is much better than me in Call of Duty. He always beat me. It’s really weird, but he’s a good and normal. ”
Omar and Zaina involved a friendship with Pollard, a single mother, after learning she was from a surrogacy website. Pollard has twice been a baby to another person prior to British couples.
Pollard says, “I do not care if people criticize me because it helps Omar and Zaina have a baby. They deserve to be parents just like everyone else. Being Osama’s son was not easy for him.”
Bin Laden has been married four times and is estimated to have at least 26 children. Zaina grandmother who has been married five times, is a former parish council member of Moulton, Cheshire. He met Omar in Egypt when he was undergoing treatment for a disease associated with central nervous system (multiple sclerosis). He already had five children.



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