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Sienna Miller Rejects Peace with the British tabloid

British actress Sienna Miller’s lawyer said his client would continue the lawsuit against British newspaper News of the World.
Tabloid apology issued a statement that Click has intercepted telephone and access voicemails or recorded phone messages belong to some people.
Voicemail at least eight British celebrities and politicians, including Miller and former British Culture Minister Tessa Jowell, proved to be cracked by the staff of this tabloid.
After the police conducted a long investigation of this scandal, the News of the World finally apologized and offered compensation with a total value of £ 20 million to people who are tapped.
But Sienna Miller’s lawyer, Mark Thomson said his client did not receive any compensation offer from the tabloid-related wiretapping and burglary case against him phone messages.
Thomson said: “The lawsuit Sienna is based on the massive violations of privacy. All he wants is to find truth in their entirety and for all those who linked this scandal accountable.”

    “The lawsuit Sienna is based on the massive violations of privacy.”
Mark Thomson, a lawyer Sienna Miller
Currently there are 24 cases of lawsuits against the paper from people who accused the News of the World to access their records phone messages without permission, who was on trial.
The cases occurred between 2004 and 2006. There are still a number of other British celebrities and politicians who threatened to file a lawsuit similar to NOW.
In 2007, the results of investigations by police led to a newspaper editor and a newspaper hired a private investigator who is in prison.
On Tuesday (5 / 4), and former newspaper editor was arrested on suspicion of engaging access to a phone message a number of figures.
Party newspaper the News of the World, owned by billionaire Rupert Murdoch, said they will continue to cooperate with the police in this case.



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