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Stress Triggering Body Odor?

The body is fresh and clean is one of the capital to appear confident. That’s why if bodyodor issue of confidence can vanish. Problem of body odor due to sweat can be influenced by many things, such as stress.
Indirectly, stress does contribute to the occurrence of body odor. In times of stress the body uses different sweat glands with glands that are used when we move.
Anxiety and distress would stimulate the glands in the armpits, groin, scalp, palms andfeet. Unlike the salty sweat that soaked the body when body temperature needs to be reduced, sweat when we are stressed contain fat which is a bacterial food.
Sweat is basically odorless, but bacteria in the skin and clothing breed, start the process of decay causing odor.
The solution? Get used to live all things to relax. Also, reduce the number of bacteria inthe body by bathing regularly and using clean clothes. Use anti-bacterial deodorant thatdoes not only eliminate the smell but also makes the skin more acidic, so do not likebacteria.



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