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Oops, High Heels makes GAGA fell on Stage!

This time Lady GaGa hit rock! After the stubborn wearing shoes with high and forms the impossible, GAGA was found fell backward on the stage because of the jump from the piano with super high heels!

Maybe it‘s time GAGA also bought a pair of flat shoes. The reason, in an appearance in the series tour, the singer fell, fell, and lying in the middle of the stage while trying to make a leap spectacular.


At that time, GaGa is standing on the piano trying to come down with a jump to the piano bench seat. No warning, just kick her shoes right seats away from him. GAGA also fell and fell under the piano with her legs held high in the air.

But the accident apparently did not affect this embarrassing for GaGa. With the position under the piano, after his head thin escape from the console, GAGA still sing the song You And I without a discordant one nadapun. GAGA immediately crawled to the mic which grasped and stood back to continue the same song.

Gaga had taken to the back of the stage to undergo examination by paramedics. But soon, the singer went back jump onto the stage and greeted fans who were waiting. Wuah, GAGA was super!



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