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4 Toothpaste Taste Strange But Effective Used

Most often referred to toothpaste or toothpaste usually has a sense of mint or herbs.But there are some toothpastes that taste weird but it is quite effective.

Toothpaste is used to kill bacteria in the mouth and remove plaque or food scraps. If plaque is not cleaned food is converted by bacteria in the mouth becomes acidic compounds. Acid released after a long time plaque can erode tooth enamel causing thinning.

Toothpaste that taste is usually reserved for kids like the taste of chewing gum or vanilla ice cream.

But in recent years showed there are other materials that sweet or somewhat strange that may be more effective in cleaning the teeth so that inserted into a sense of toothpaste.

There is some flavor of toothpaste that somewhat odd but effective if used, as quoted from MSNHealth, Friday (4/8/2011), namely:

Cinnamon (cinnamon)
Cinnamon spice is usually attached with sweet bread and people will think it is impossible to use for toothpaste. But a study shows that cinnamon has the properties is effective in fighting inflammation and bacteria which are the two biggest enemies mouth.

Pomegranate (pomegranate)
Pomegranate is known as one of the super fruit that is very good for health. It turned out that the pomegranate is not only a powerful antioxidant but also has potential as an antimicrobial. This means that pomegranate could cripple the bacteria that cause gingivitis.

Research from Tulane University in 2007 showed chocolate does not always give bad impact to the teeth. The study found that natural extracts in the form of cocoa powder can strengthen enamel and work effectively as an alternative to fluoride to, a substance that is useful to prevent and protect teeth from thinning.

Tea tree oil
Essential oils have been used for antiseptic and natural properties as an anti inflammatory (anti-inflammatory). In recent years the study also found that tea tree oil can eliminate bacteria and inflammation in the mouth.



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