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A Typical Person who’s Easy to have Brain Washed

Not everyone can easily brainwashed (brainwashing). But certain people are very easily influenced or even brainwashed. Who are the typical people who easily brainwashed? 

Several psychological factors can make people susceptible to brainwashing process as reported by on Monday (4/11/2011) ie. 

1. Psychological factors are labile 
For instance have a negative feeling, confused or unsure of the identity of her own. 

2. Psychological arrogant 
Not only the unstable psyche of people who are easily brainwashed, people who believe themselves too much pride psychological alias can also be easily influenced. 

For example, people who are selfish and proud that whatever he believes is true automatically, but not supported by a broad and fundamental knowledge. 

3. People who experience physical and mental stress 

This is because these conditions make people become exhausted, helpless, and ultimately reduce the ability to think and resist the influence of a given new. 

Why do people with such typical easily brainwashed? 

Because of the brainwashing, there are three basic principles that can be about people like the example above. 

The basic principle when conducting brainwashing is: 
Physical and emotional approach to reduce the ability to think and refuse. 
Subtle temptation 
Small awards. 

In psychology, the study of brain washing is often referred to as thought reform (thought reform) is included in the sphere of social influence. This brainwashing techniques that later can change attitudes, beliefs and behavior. 

Brainwashing is a severe form of social influence that combines all the approaches to cause changes in the way people think a person without consent and often against his will, as reported by DiscoveryHealth. 

Due to the influence of brainwashing is a form of invasive, this technique requires complete isolation and dependence on the subject, which is why most of the activities of brainwashing occurs in a prison camp or a place with full supervision. 

The brain washing agent (brainwasher) must have full control over the target (brainwashee), resulting in sleep patterns, diet and other human basic needs depends on the will of the agent. 

In the process of brainwashing, agents systematically break down the identity of the target to a point that does not work anymore. Agents then replace it with a set of behaviors, attitudes and beliefs that work in the target environment today. That’s what makes most of the target can forget the trust and confidence he did before the process of brainwashing. 

Some definitions of brainwashing requires the threat of physical danger, other definitions rely on non-physical coercion and control as an effective means to assert the doctrine or influence. 

Regardless of the definition used, many experts believe that the effects of the most common process of brainwashing is the short-term effect, meaning that the old identity of the victim in fact did not eradicated but only hidden. If ‘new identity’ is stopped then the conviction will initially begin returning to normal.



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