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Blueberry Extracts Can Burn Fat Up 73 Percent

Washington, not just healthy because they contain vitamins, blueberries can alsostreamline the body for specific content in it can burn fat. This fruit can even burn fatup to 73 percent when given in maximal doses.

Recent research has shown that blueberries can break down fats while inhibiting the formation of new fat tissue. When developed, the fruit could be an alternativetreatment to overcome obesity or being overweight.

The content of blueberries are able to break down fats are polyphenols, beneficialcompounds that sebnenarnya owned also by the other fruit. However, in this study,proved most effective polyphenols describe fat cells and inhibit its formation.

In the largest doses, polyphenols extracted from blueberries can decompose the totalfat to 75 percent. Even when given in even the lowest dose, polyphenols have beenable to reduce the fat composition of 27 percent.

Unfortunately the study presented at the Experimental Biology meeting in WashingtonDC, 9 to 13 April 2011 has not been tested on living creatures. Trials are still usingthe fat tissue samples were isolated in the laboratory.

However, his chances to be applied in humans appear to be wide open. Althoughclinical trials in humans failed to prove its effectiveness to burn fat, polyphenols inblueberries tetep has other benefits namely as antioxidants to prevent cancer.

We still have to conduct clinical trials to determine dosage and possible side effects.But so far his chances for slimming is very promising, said the researcher, ShiwaniMoghe from Texas Woman‘s University, as quoted from Dailymail, Monday(04/11/2011).



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