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Different Brain Structure of Liberal and Conservative Politician

London, Not everyone likes politics even though basically everyone has political views. Different political views also affect the brain, as evidenced in the brains of the politicians.

Scientists found no striking differences between politicians brains with the liberal wing conservative politicians.

Liberal politicians associated with the mindset of free and open-minded. While conservative politicians associated with the mindset to keep the tradition or habit (situation).

Ryota Kanai Scientists from University College London found no differences in brain structures of liberal and conservative politicians.

In the liberal politicians have a larger part of the brain gray in the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC), which is part of the brain associated with the interest to understand complex things.

While conservative politicians brains have a larger part of the brain in the right amygdala, associated with the management of fear.

These findings have been reported in the journal Current Biology on 8 April 2011 as quoted by, Friday (4/8/2011).

The consequences of people who have the brains larger amygdala (conservative) makes it more sensitive to disgust and very responsive to threatening situations with aggression. This is different from the more liberal politicians responded with only expression.

In the brains of liberal politicians look the anterior cingulate cortexes (ACC) is bigger, which is the brain region to monitor the uncertainty and conflict.

“It can be concluded that people who have a larger brain region ACC has a higher capacity to tolerate the uncertainty and conflict that enables him to receive a more liberal view (open),” said Ryota Kanai.

In this study, scientists did a study of 90 young, healthy adults who reported their political views on a scale of 1-5, from very liberal to very conservative and then perform a scan of his brain regions.

But still need to test further whether these differences in brain structure cause differences in political views on everyone.

But the researchers concluded that this study gives an answer that person’s political orientation was closely related to psychological problems and how one manages a sense of fear and uncertainty.

Because politics is synonymous with power, so that people who are outside the political arena must be able to train with a clear political views are not utilized for certain parties.



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