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Fat People Can Stop breathing 400 times While Sleep

Piles of fat is the main enemy of fat people, especially those categorized as obese.When occurs in the airways, airflow can be blocked so have stopped breathing during sleep. This condition can be experienced 400 times in one night.

Stop breathing due to airway obstruction or obstructive sleep apnea experienced by most people who have a weight problem. One indication is often awakened at midnight because gelagapan or trouble breathing.

This condition is not always realized, sometimes someone will soon correct his sleep position automatically to channel his breath back smoothly without having to fully awake. People are only really wake up and gelagapan if her breathing stops for a long time.

During sleep the night, stopping the breath that do not realize can happen many times and even in some people who suffer from obesity can be up to 400 times. You can imagine if the average person slept for 7 hours, then stop breathing hundreds of times will greatly disturb sleep quality.

“My colleague body fat fellow physician, if sleep is often gelagapan. Left monitored her breathing, she was shocked because her breathing stops up to 400 times,” says obesity expert, Dr. Samuel Oetoro, MS, SpGK in a press conference seminars and courses Obesity to-6 at the Hotel Borobudur, Friday (4/8/2011).

The impact of perceived quality due to not sleeping, among others, do not wake up fresh, fast and easy fatigue experienced stes. As a result, not only just reduced productivity at work, but also more susceptible to infections because of weakened body resistance.

To cope with obstructive sleep apnea, Dr. Samuel suggested that fat people to lose weight in a safe manner. The key there are 3 that is to change behavior (behavior), applying a healthy diet and increasing physical activity.

Use of prescription weight loss drug is very effective, but can only be given if the 3 steps failed. If it was immediately given the drug, the weight will quickly come down but will also rapidly increase again after drug administration was stopped. This phenomenon is known also by the term ‘yo-yo dieting’.



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