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May We Plucked Hair of Nose?

If left too long, the nose hair is to disrupt the appearance that it needs trimming.Should be cut with special scissors, do not be revoked because of an increased risk of infection or inflammation triggers the nasal cavity.

Nose hair are removed will be replaced by new hair that grows in the gland or hair follicle. Like the hairs on the surface of another body, also had a risk of nose hair grow into the skin layer (ingrown nasal hair.)

Ingrown hair did not come to the surface of the skin but into the skin and is called extrafollicular penetration. The result is inflammation around the gland or hair follicle, which can sometimes be accompanied by bacterial infection.

In addition to redness swelling, symptoms that often accompany ingrown nasal hair is pain in the nasal cavity in the vicinity of hair growth. At first glance, the lump-like acne but is not caused by the blockage of oil glands.

Generally ingrown nasal hair will heal by itself when the ends of your hair has found a way to penetrate the outside surface of the skin. But the process sometimes takes time and during it will feel very sick, especially if the nose push.

To speed up the appearance of the nose hair to the surface, frequently compress the nose with hot water for smooth blood circulation and skin pores to open. If possible, rub gently with a clean towel is inserted through the nostril.

Be careful not to rub too hard, to avoid injuries that could trigger infection. Excerpted from the LIVESTRONG, Sunday (4/10/2011), the risk of infection is very great because the nasal cavity is one of a gathering place bacterium Staphylococcus aureus causes of ulcers.

Meanwhile, to prevent ingrown nasal hair, you should not pluck your nose hairs with tweezers. Safe way to tidy up the cut with special scissors and do not be too short for nose hair function is to filter out dust so as not to enter the respiratory tract.



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