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Men More Often Experienced shiver When take a pee

Most men never feel the sensation of goose bumps when you urinate, especially after a long hold urine. The feeling of relief that accompanied shudder phenomenon also experienced some women, although the percentage is not as much as men.

In English the phenomenon of shudder when called pee pee pee shivers or shakes.The symptoms are a sense of creeping chills through your spine, until the whole body shuddered and cause some parts of the body part vibrate.

Sometimes the vibration was so strong, it was like having a seizure in light intensity.Quite often men get a little difficult to direct his penis into the urinal (the pee for men) so that most urine splattered everywhere.

Pain during urination shiver could also bring a sense of relief, especially if it occurs after a long hold urine. For some people, a sense of satisfaction when the goose bumps or shivers can be likened to a miniature orgasm orgasm alias on a small scale.

Although much more experienced by men, research has shown that some women also experienced the phenomenon of shudder when urinating. Quoted from, Sunday (04/09/2011), about 58 percent of women had experienced while in men the percentage was 83 percent.

Until now there has been no scientific explanation actually satisfy the related phenomenon. Research about it also is not much done, supposedly because it is not associated with symptoms or risk factors for certain diseases that harm.

One theory is that this phenomenon occurs due to changes in the nervous system when the bladder emptied. The changes were the result of the discharge of urine in large quantities at once, which brings the temperature of the heat out of the body.

But this theory is weak, because it does not apply when the body remove other bodily fluids. For example, when vomiting or blood transfusion, people still do not cringe like when you urinate even though the same release of fluids and body heat.



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