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The blow on the Body to Avoid Because Deadly

Despite not carrying weapons, the arrival of thugs to watch out if you have the skill to kill with his bare hands. Humans do have a weakness at some point, which allows it to be killed only with a single blow.

Chinese martial arts technique of disabling your opponent know who called Dim Mak, which means the touch of death. Without having to spend a lot of movement, one touch at a particular part can make the opponent fell down helpless or even die instantly.

Some parts of the human body can be targeted in a deadly touch technique. So keep that body parts is so avoided the harsh and deadly blow such as fights or other reasons. And do not commit violence on others that can lead to death and even make a person so convicted.

Psychologists say, out of anger with words is the safest way to avoid violence cases.But man must also be able to train his emotions quickly so as not ‘hot’ in a way always think positive.

The blow on the body that should be avoided because it can be deadly, as quoted from Straightdope, Tuesday (4/12/2011) among others.

1. The blow to the chest
Concussion in this section can make people died instantly due to cessation of heartbeat called commutio cordis. Impaired cardiac function in a collision in the chest and often not accompanied by structural damage to the heart.

In a small study of 128 cases of attacks with his bare hands which is directed to the chest, 84 percent of them lead to death. About 50 percent were killed instantly and the rest take 1-2 minutes before his heart stopped beating.

The study revealed that terklalu not need a strong force to give effect on the heart.Experiments conducted on animals showed that the blows which posted with speed 48 km / h is enough to kill the victim.

2. The blow on the neck
Some points on the side neck have blood vessels called carotid artery. Because its function is to distribute oxygen to the brain, its effects can be deadly if the blood vessels were damaged for example because of a blow.

The most fatal impact occurs when a blow is directed to the carotid sinus, ie, branching blood vessels on the side of the human neck. The damage in that section will trigger paralysis and other nervous system problems that will soon be followed by death.

3. The blow on the back of the head
The point of the deadliest martial arts in China is the Bladder-10 which is located on the back of the skull. The same point is also used in acupuncture to overcome various problems associated with the bladder (bladder).

In an instant, collision in part can lead to damage to the brain system that regulates consciousness namely reticular activating system (RAS) so that the victim fainted. If benturannya hard enough, the victim was not only unconscious but can instantly killed on the spot.



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