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Working at the car wash: TOWIE’s Lucy Mecklenburgh strips off and suds up in the sunshine

The sun is shining, the weather has turned warm – what’s an Essex girl to do? Slip into a tiny bikini and pair of heels and get to work washing the car, of course!
Lucy Mecklenburgh did just that when the sun came out last week, turning a mundane chore into an opportunity for some fun and a photoshoot.
The Only Way Is Essex star worked up a sweat with her fellow bikini-clad friend soaping up her Mini, before the task turned into the obligatory water fight.

Lucy made the most of the spring weather in a yellow bandeau bikini that showed off her deep fake tan, adding a pair of tiny unbuttoned denim shorts and wedge heels.
Despite the mundane task at hand, the 19-year-old ensured she was camera-ready with perfectly styled hair and a full face of make-up.


As she worked the sponge Lucy leaned on her car and flipped her hair about, giving photographers an eyeful of her toned, scantily-clad figure.
The Essex girl took frequent breaks from scrubbing the car to bask in the sunshine, but her companion brought her back to earth by spraying her with cold water.

The wholesale fashion worker screamed and giggled as she received a soaking from the garden hose, running away as her friend chased her.
Lucy is becoming a pro at working the camera since finding fame last year in the ITV2 reality show with co-stars Mark Wright, Sam Faiers, Amy Childs and Lauren Goodger.
But it hasn’t been all fun for the pretty teen. Lucy complained this week that she is being portrayed unfairly on the show as a boyfriend stealer.
‘As far as I’m concerned, everyone I’ve been with has been single,’ she told this week’s issue of Reveal magazine.

‘I’ve never stolen another girl’s boyfriend and I never will. I’ve been cheated on and it wasn’t nice. That’s why I’d never do it to someone else.’

Lucy says that she has been set up by the ITV2 show producers.

In a recent episode Lucy went on a date with newly-single Kirk, only to run into his ex-girlfriend Lauren Pope and her friend Maria – who lashed out at the pretty fashion worker, calling her a ‘slag’ and ‘the town bike’ in a crowded pub.

‘I’m a bit sick of it. I feel like I’m being victimised,’ Lucy says. ‘I didn’t deserve Maria calling me a slag. I’m not friends with Lauren, so I don’t feel like I owe anything to her.

‘And Kirk and I were both single, so I didn’t think there was anything wrong with going out for a drink.’

‘Before getting together with Mark, I was in a relationship for four-and-a-half years. After Mark and I split, all I did was go for a drink with Kirk,’ she says. ‘If that’s what being a slag is, then there’s no hope!’

Despite the series constantly facing criticism that it is scripted and the romances are purely for show, Lucy insists she and Mark were the real deal.

‘Mark and I were in a proper relationship. I was with him before the show started.

‘He chased me and we went out loads – he took me to lovely restaurants and the theatre. But no one saw that, all you saw were the dramas with Lauren.’

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