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Increase Passion Sex of Your Kitchen

Forget your perfume. Now there is easy way to spice up your sex life. Is none other spices from the kitchen!

The researchers believe that the aroma, taste, and appearance of some foods can act as a potential aphrodisiac that not only improve mood for making love, but also make you more intelligent making out. Knowing the right foods in the sexual stages and processes to maximize the effect of such marriages.

“Each food has different nutrients and substances that affect the body physiologically in different ways. That’s why different foods work for different stages, “says clinical sexologists, Ava Cadell, Ph.D., was quoted as Web MD.

Some foods that are detained there, others allow blood to flow directly to the genitals, and a few more releases happy hormones. Cadell aphrodisiac grouping into three groups based on physiological effects and its effects in enhancing sexual performance at each stage of one’s sex life.

1. Food for making out

When viewing a potential mate, Cadell says it is important to choose foods that secrete chemicals and hormones that make you happy and improve self-confidence and better at making out. To be more cunning flirt, try some of these recommended food:

– Chili. Spicy foods will be pumping the heart and causes the body to sweat.

– Banana. Contain chemicals that reportedly have effects on the brain raise the mood and boost self-confidence.

– Carrots. Fiber content can stimulate sexual arousal.

2. Food to tempt

The next phase is tempting. Aphrodisiac foods can help trigger the release of sex hormones such as testosterone, provide quick energy, and increases blood flow to the genitals until the body is in the atmosphere is ready to fuck.

At this stage, clinical sexologists, Ava Cadell, PhD, says it is important to create visual stimulation with foods that look like genitals, such as carrots and oyster. “Anything that is visually erotic is automatically visible to make the brain move,” he said. Secondly, some foods release hormones, like testosterone, in women. This makes them more sexually aggressive and daring.

Food “teaser” of them:

– Shrimp. High iodine. Shrimp and other seafood is important for thyroid gland is vital for energy.

– Chocolate. In addition to caffeine, the flowers of this plant looks like a sexual organ.

– Ginger. This root can increase blood flow to the genitals of men and women.

– Olives. Trusted green olives make a man stronger, while black can increase sexual stimulation.

– Tomatoes. Traditionally, he was known as the “apple of love” because it has a reputation as a sexual stimulant.

– Apples. Since the days of Adam and Eve, this fruit has become a symbol of teaser.

Cadell is a favorite thing for when you and your partner together to eat foods that are exciting, such as asparagus. The he could begin to eat from one end, then chew their partners at the other end, to then meet in the middle. Asparagus is not only sexy, but also rich in potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and vitamin E that can help hormone production and improve energy.

3. Food for sexual performance

On arriving at the final stage of exploitation and orgasm, the scent of some aphrodisiac enough to increase sexual desire and performance. “Depending on where you are in the relationship. You can use the aroma and taste different foods to get the response you’re looking for,” said Alan R Hirsch, MD, Director of the Smell and Taste Treatment Neurology and Research Foundation, Chicago, USA.

In a study looking at the aroma that stimulates sexual arousal, Hirsch found that any smell of food being tested trigger sexual response in men. Some foods have a more dramatic effect than others.

“Pizza cheese improves blood flow by 5 percent, 9 percent of popcorn with butter, and pumpkin pie lavendel and by 40 percent,” said Hirsch. Aroma lavendel and pumpkin pie is a powerful sexual stimulant for women.

In comparison, the fragrant flowers only increases blood flow rate of 3 percent in men. In the weaker sex, men’s cologne smell actually decrease blood flow to the vagina.

Unlike men, research shows that the smell of some foods actually interfere with sexual desire in women, such as cherries and roasted meat.

According to Hirsch, there are a number of different theories about the causes of food have strong effects on the attraction and sexual performance. One theory suggests that this is a combination of physiological and psychological responses.

Sexual potency of the aroma and taste a variety of naturally varied because of the effects of different foods associated with past experience of each person. That’s why, whether Cadell and Hirsch recommends the couple to have fun by trying a different aphrodisiac in order to see the spice is right for their sex lives.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there is no scientific evidence of OTC (OTC) or aphrodisiac foods that can handle sexual dysfunction. Although not an aphrodisiac quickly fix all your sexual problems, Cadell says that natural aphrodisiac ingredients that are found in foods is not dangerous.

“Now, frankly, most erotic organ is the brain. So, if you think that something that will make you excited, then I assure you it certainly will be,” says Cadell. There is always a relationship between food and sex because these are the two greatest pleasures known to man … and the two passions that must be met.



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