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Easily Offended Indicates Body Has Less Water

Emotions and moods are influenced by hydration status or balance of body fluids. When the body loses more fluid and less balanced with a lot of drinking, unruly emotions so that people become irritable and angry.

This was revealed in research by two neurologists from the University of Connecticut, Lawrence E Armstrong and Harris R Lieberman. The study, published in 2009 involving 26 male and 25 healthy women who were told to exercise 3×40 minutes in a room temperature of 28 degrees Celsius.

The participants were conditioned not to much to drink, although the activities carried out to make her very sweaty. Hydration level of the participants were measured for each interval of rest, and then compared with psychiatric status and thinking abilities as measured by psychological test.

The ability to think seems to have decreased over the increasing number of body fluids lost through sweat. At the level of dehydration or loss of body fluids 1.5 percent in men and 1.3 percent in women, the ability to remember and keep the concentration decreased significantly.

Meanwhile, the impact of reduced body fluids is also observed in mental and psychiatric status. At the level of hydration, both men and women began to feel tired mind, confused, agitated and prone to stress.

Nutrition science lecturer Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, Dr. Dr. Dr.Saptawati Bardosono, MSc or used to be called dr Tati said the phenomenon is the impact of mild dehydration. Mild dehydration is characterized by loss of body fluids is less than 10 percent.

“Hence, if co-workers began to get angry, just suggest to drink. Maybe he’s just not drinking,” said Dr. Barbara in a press conference themed “Beware The Performance Impact of Dehydration Lightweight, Cognitive and Mood” at Hotel Le Meredien Jakarta, Wednesday (9 / 2 / 2011).

Although only affects the mind and psychiatric mental status, the impact of mild dehydration can reduce productivity. Someone who suffered mild dehydration becomes unproductive because it is easy to panic, anxiety, irritable and angry.

At this level, dehydration is not causing clinical symptoms such as dizziness, headache and convulsions. The clinical symptoms would occur if the dehydration is allowed to continue without treatment.

Fluktatif dehydration or recurrence-kumatan also have an impact on psychiatric mental status. According to Dr. Tati, fluctuate dehydration can cause hallucinations (hearing voices), delusions (seeing strange things) and lose the ability to focus.



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