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Nadya Suleman, Beautiful Woman With 14 Kids

Nadya Sulaiman is one of the most controversial women in the world. The woman who was nicknamed ‘Octomom’ This gave birth to eight babies twins through in vitro fertilization on January 26, 2009. She gave birth to six baby boys and 2 baby girls.

Even more appalling, before the birth of twins and eight, in a previous pregnancy gave birth to 6 children Nadya twins. Mother bear 14 was also not married and has no own income.

Nadya, whose face is like Angelina Jolie, really admire artists who also have a lot of these kids. The problem, Nadya was unable to make a living of their children. Nadya itself is a single mother who have difficulty making a living until their children should seek help here and there.

Nadya had offered to be a porn star, but he refused. In addition, he also offered to star in reality show along with the 14 children. But, for whatever reason, it canceled the reality show aired.

Some circles had been criticized Nadya because he did not have a job and decent income to support his family. Nadya can only create a page that expect help from donors, it was thanks to the assistance of its legal advisers.

Nadya spent on daily care of the 14 children, assisted by 3 people caregiver. Nadya’s mother, Angela Suleman said that Nadya’s house is like the circus is a mess. “Every day, Nadya could only sleep for 3 hours.”



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