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Preventing the emergence of the Personal Side of Evil

Good people can suddenly become evil and vice versa are also bad people there are still good sides. Good and evil sides of human beings are always side by side but the bad side as much as possible should be cast for life run smoothly. So how can I make this evil side does not appear?

“Basically, every human being has a tendency towards two sides, but which side are prominent depending on the stimulation and environment that facilitate it,” said Efnie Indrianie, MPsi detikHealth when contacted on Friday (04/15/2011).

Efnie said that based on personality theory of psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud claimed that humans were living with a second instinct, which is live or the life instinct (instinct for living such as eating, drinking, sexual) and death or the death instinct (drive aggressive as the behavior of attack). If one side is rising then the other side will go down.

Like the little boy who was beaten then reflexively he will hit back, but maybe no one taught him to hit. This is because since birth he has had both these instincts.

So actually every human being has the tendency to behave in evil. But as we age, the cultivation of moral values, understanding cognition, brain development in the life of the process information can help a person determine which are good and which ones are bad.

In life, a person affected by the nature of factors (natural) and also the environment.Known environmental factors have a greater role that is equal to 60 percent while natural factors (the default) by 40 percent.

“If during the life she received a negative stimulation, then this will be stored in the memory of his brain. If you persist it will become habit which will form the negative personality of the person,” he said.

But the person who always looks good, quiet or calm one day could be changed to have an emotional blow. This could happen if he is continuously under stress conditions (pressure).

So how do I get the evil side of a person does not appear?

“In this case not cover the bad side of someone, but in order to process the negative energy into positive things,” says professor of clinical psychology at the Faculty of Psychology Maranatha Christian University, Bandung.

To get it Efine said can be a way to increase the values ​​of spirituality (religion) or as early as possible should be inculcated a sense of compassion so that later he became a person who can not bear to hurt or treat others poorly.

“Since the child is born, the mother and father can give attention, caressed it, caressing, holding, or listening to the story. It does seem trivial but could cause a sense of security and comfort to children,” he said.

If children are inculcated love and habit of giving, helping and sharing in other people then this will shape his personality so that both sides are more prominent. But if it reaches adolescence or adulthood it will be more difficult because there is already an established habit.

Whereas if someone further highlight the bad side than on the bright side, this can be turned into good by making changes in behavior therapy. But it usually takes quite a long time and there is no exact time for how long.

“This process is usually by changing the mind set and habits possessed person to do something or find new ways that more positive,” said psychologist who practiced in Melinda Hospital in Bandung Indonesia.



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