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Volume of Men & Women Tears Differences After 18 Years old

St. Paul, Minnesota, men and women are actually born with the same tear production.Only after the age of 18 years of production they are different, more women shed tears.

Before you reach puberty, the volume average is the same but after passing the age of 18 years of women produce more tears than men.

The difference is because tear production is heavily influenced by the hormonal cycle.Once past the age of 18, women produce estrogen and prolactin (2 hormones that affect the production of tears) 60 percent more than men.

In addition to a different volume, its chemical composition is also believed to be different although no studies that confirm this. Presumably, emotional factors difference between men and women affect the biochemistry of the brain and affects the composition of tears is secreted.

Biochemist from Ramsay Dry Eye and Tear Research Center in Saint Paul, Minnesota, William Frey II, doing research for almost 10 years specifically to uncover the facts surrounding the tear.

Quoted from on Monday (1/10/2011), William explains humans produce tears at all times to keep the humidity of the eyeball so not only when to cry. Humans also shed tears when there are certain stimuli such as dust or steam garlic.

There are 3 types of tears produced by human tears namely basal, reflex or irritant tears and emotional tears. Basal tears keep moisture eyeball functions and are produced continuously, reflex tears are produced when there is irritation while emotional tears are produced when sad or hysterical.

All three have a different chemical composition, so that the experts believe there are many interesting things that could be expressed from any kind of tears that dripped. One of them revealed in a recent study that emotional tears especially those produced by adult women can lower male sex drive.



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