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Actress "twinning" Catherine Zeta Jones, Olga Kurylenko become ‘The Expatriates’

Long enough also face Olga Kurylenko similar alias twinning with Catherine Zeta Jones not appear on the silver screen. Finally he played in CENTURION. Reportedly, shortly bloody beautiful Ukrainian actress is going to play in the thriller titled THE expatriates. In this film Olga Kurylenko plays a CIA agent.

In the news reported by Splash News mentioned that Olga Kurylenko will play together Liana Liberato and Aaron Eckhart in the film directed by Philipp Stolzl this. The manuscript itself is not adapted from another format, but is an original script by Arash Amel.
Phil is about a CIA agent assigned to find out the existence of other CIA members who happened also was loved by the CIA earlier. In short, Olga Kurylenko will be chasing Aaron Eckhart. Currently, this movie is being filmed in Montreal, Canada and soon will move location to Brussels.

Olga Kurylenko own name just soared after he played with Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace in 2009 and despite the fact that this actress is playing a movie since 2005.



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