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Ideally Hospitals Must Have Data Germs that Naughty

Super germs (superbug) more often found in hospitals because the antibiotics more frequently used at the venue. These germs are very stubborn because it does not work anymore with antibiotics. Unfortunately not all hospitals perform preventive efforts by arranging the pattern of the germs that are recalcitrant.

One case that proves that posed by hospital superbugs are the NDM-1, a type of bacterium that infects the British people after the treatment in New Delhi, India. The bacteria are resistant to existing antibiotics, so called superbugs.

Prof. Iwan Dwiprahasto, pharmacologist from the University of Gajah Mada said the germs such as NDM-1 is likely to emerge if the hospital does not have germs and resistance patterns. Without such patterns, the use of antibiotics tends to be irrational and might not be useful.

“Without a pattern of germs, doctors now prescribe antibiotics blind and based on experience. If symptoms such as these, most likely this bacteria,” Prof Iwan ungkan in the inauguration of Indonesian Epidemology Clinical and Evidence Based Medicine (EBM-ICE) Network in the Health Ministry building on Tuesday ( 04/19/2011).

If the antibiotics was based only on experience, then the resistance would be understood if there is prolonged Hospitalization or prolonged hospitalization. Once the disease does not heal, a new antibiotic is replaced with a more powerful though sometimes it’s too late.

Ideally, according to Prof. Iwan, each hospital has a pattern of resistance to germs and evaluated every certain period of time eg 3 months. If in 3-6 months found that there are germs that are resistant to certain antibiotics, its use in hospitals should be stopped.

But the main obstacle to compile such a pattern is nothing but a less memadahi facilities in some hospitals. According to Prof. Iwan, most hospitals type A and B had a microbiology laboratory for this purpose while type C hospital that have not been many.

Prof. Iwan added, other efforts that can be done to prevent the resistance of germs is to avoid using third-line antibiotics or third-line antibiotic for indications that are not necessary. Sometimes, antibiotics are really for emergency conditions in a serious injury is also used for mild infections, so prone to trigger resistance to germs.

If not prevented, the bacteria resistance to antibiotics is expected to become a global pandemic in the near future and create the conditions like in the era before antibiotics are found. Type of the more resistant germs, while the antibiotic research has never produced a new discovery



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