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Little Girl Had Ear Surgery For Not Ridiculed

New York, plastic surgery in children is not recommended because of various reasons of mental and medical. But a little girl aged 7 years chose to perform ear surgery is very wide, unable to bear constantly teasing his friends.

Samantha Shaw little girl from South Dakota this every day the United States should experience bullying (harassment and ridicule) has the ear because of the wide and without grooves like rabbits.

Ridicule, according to her mother, Cami Roselles not only from his friends but also from adults who may only annoyance see a very wide ears. But the questions and taunts that according to these ordinary people just joke, has made mental Samantha falls. He always cover the ears with her hair, felt pressured to go to school or play.

Do not want to see Samantha fall in confidence in himself, his family finally decided to do plastic surgery to improve the form of his ears to make it look more normal and proportionate. Operation of the ear is called otoplasty, which is operating with ear pinning back so as not to be too wide.

As reported by ABCNews, Sunday (04/17/2011) Samantha surgery performed by surgeon Dr. Steven Pearlman in New York for 2.5 hours. The operation was a success. Although the rest of the anesthesia is still felt sick but Samantha was not willing to live it for later teased his friends again.

Operating results are quite good, Samantha’s ear that was wider and without grooves become more proportionally shaped like ears of other normal children.

“This operation is very meaningful for Samantha, she will not be disturbed again. I’m afraid one day she would rage and treat people the way the rough because it is often mocked if his ears are not repaired,” said his mother.

Plastic surgery in children as did Samantha is, according to data from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has increased 30 percent in the last 10 years.

The rise of the children who do almost all of plastic surgery for reasons not bear to get a ribbing from his friends. Children who constantly mocked because her body shape that looks abnormal it eventually get depressed and have academic problems.

Namun anak observers deplored if the problem of the body shape abnormalities in children should be resolved by way of plastic surgery. According to these experts, plastic surgery is not the answer to stop the bullying. How does the role of parents instill the values ​​of self confidence in children is deemed more important to address the solution of children who often gets ribbing.



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