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Who’s Most Beautiful Princess in the World?

LONDON – Who is the prettiest princess ever in the history of empire in the world? A dating Web site,, looking for the answer to that question by conducting a survey of 127,000 people.
The result? Princess Grace of Monaco, also known as Oscar-winning actress Grace Kelly, was at the top of the list. He won the approval rating of 91 percent of respondents, followed closely Queen Rania of Jordan with 90 percent.
What about Kate Middleton, who on a daily basis will be part of the British Royal family? Kate only occupy third place. Kate beat Diana, the late mother of Prince William who will she marry on April 29, which occupies the fourth position. Middleton has a 84 percent approval rating, while Princess Diana stalking behind with 82 percent figure.
Greg Hodge, managing director of, say, Kate Middleton has no peculiar beauty. But his style, behavior and neatly dressed that make Middleton won admiration and lifted him into the same position with Princess Grace and Queen Rania.
Here are the complete results of the survey:
Princess / Queen Beautiful

Princess Grace of Monaco: 91%

2. Queen Rania of Jordan: 90% \

3। Candidate Princess, Kate Middleton: 84%

4. Diana, Princess of Wales: 82%

5. Princess Charlotte of Monaco: 76%

6. Princess Gayatri Devi: 75%

7. Princess Madeline of Sweden: 74%

8. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark: 72%

9. Princess Margaret: 70%

10. Princess Masako of Japan: 68%

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