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Russia’s Beauty Intel in Catwalk

Once crowned Woman of the Year version of Russia’s state television station, Channel One, a former Russian spy Anna Chapman, or Anna Kuschenko, still membetot attention. She became a model at Moscow Fashion Week impromptu, Russia.

Chapman had previously appeared to be a photo model adult magazine Maxim performing with Russian pop singer contest winner Eourovision 2008, Dima Bilan.

Beautiful spy who had entered one of the 10 people arrested by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) U.S. appear confident on the catwalk. Chapman’s Tub glided sexy spy. He was carrying a gun in his right hand.

In another pose, Chapman appeared to demonstrate Russia’s designer clothing & Rudhkovskaya Shiyan. In the show he was seen pointing a gun to the neck of Dima Bilan.

Chapman profession as a Russian spy revealed after a colonel named Scherbakov divulge Russia 10 names to the FBI agent. The colonel himself turned and fled to the United States.



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