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Asked About Her Blue Film, Sora Aoi Refuse

The shadows of the past as a Japanese blue film star, it is still too attached to Sora Aoi. Along with wide-screen career, hoping Aoi starred in blue films from the past can be forgotten.
While promoting his latest film in Indonesia, Sister shampoo 2 in FX Plaza, South Jakarta, on Wednesday (20/04/2011), Aoi had time to show his displeasure with questions about who had starred in blue films.
“Are you really a blue film star?” asked a reporter. “Another question, yes,” Aoi decline.
Aoi who recently tested the nine-year career on the big screen, claiming just want to be known as a talented movie star. “His image was always like that (as a blue film star), but with so many films while I’m abroad with a different kind, hopefully everyone can find out more (talent) to me. Right now I have many offers,” said Aoi.
Related bids coming from the producers Indonesia, Aoi admitted will not miss the golden opportunity to play the movie in Indonesia. At least, in Sister shampoo 2, Aoi wants to show her acting talent.
“Actually, the offer to play this movie has been around since two years ago, but when it is delayed because there are other schedules and something that can not be left behind. But then the conversation continued until I finally decided to take his offer or No. But I decided to take because to make films outside of Japan it is always fun, “said Aoi.



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