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Shakira Robbed on the Stage

LOS ANGELES Shakira robbed while shaking hands with fans during a concert in Mexico last week. Ring stolen by a spectator.

The singer was 34 years middle of shaking hands with fans while performing in Monterrey, Mexico. Apparently, the fans take advantage of the moment by grabbing the ring on the finger Shakira. Though Shakira saw the robbery because it was caught on camera, he did not heed and continued to perform.

The fans always megikuti where I go. Sometimes, they take advantage of the opportunity. I try to face it calmly, said Shakira Femalefirst quoted on Monday (4/18/2011).

Although no action was disgraceful fans in the category of theft, a singer with hip rocking is not run in to legal channels. No arrests top concert events at the University of Monterrey, he said.

Meanwhile, Shakira lover, football player Gerard Pique, said although very happy to be with Shakira, Gerard had to struggle to overcome the presence of paparazzi, who liked to stalk them.

Gerard affair and Shakira evidenced last month by posting their photos on page Twitter Shakira.

Asked why he decided to announce their relationship after months, Gerard said, Shakira just wanted to show that we are in a good place, that I was very happy and so was he. That’s it.



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