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Habits of Baby crying in the Night Can Affect Behavior

Crying and wake up at night is a routine infant in the early months of life. But if this condition continues to occur then it could be a signal of behavioral problems later in life.

In the journal Archives of Disease in Childhood researchers report that babies who consistently cry and wake up at night until a few months can make 2 times more likely to develop problems such as ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), depression, anxiety, aggressive behavior or disturbance in the early start school.

The most common behavioral difficulties in children is the lack of self control and inability to calm themselves or act appropriately in different social situations.

“We found a very strong relationship between the disorders in infancy and behavioral disorders or ADHD as could not control himself and control his behavior,” said Dieter Wolke, professor of developmental psychology at the University of Warwick, England, as quoted from Healthland.Time, Monday ( 04/25/2011).

Wolke reveals crying and frequent waking at night only early signs of behavioral problems involving lack of self control. Each baby will wake up several times at night and may start to cry, but most can eventually soothe himself and go back to sleep.

But when she’s had began to have behavioral disorders, then he probably can not learn pengedalian himself and this incident will continue to continue until past the first year.

“Some babies may be genetically susceptible to problem behavior settings. Scientists recently identified the genes involved in dopamine function, which regulates moods and emotions and motor functions,” says Wolke.

Studies show when parents can recognize the symptoms of this disorder early on, maybe parents can provide ways to help your baby learn more mengendaliakn itself so it does not become more serious problems later.

Parents can begin to establish a bedtime routine for babies that allowed her to sleep more soundly. And try to encourage baby to find his own way to be asleep.



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