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Important Facts About Navel

Navel is a member of the body that may not be too much attention. But there are interesting facts about the udel.

Navel is a closed hole that occurs when the umbilical cord cut her newborn baby, the umbilical cord is the distribution of nutrients and liaison between the mother with the fetus.

Leather cord is the part that is sensitive enough so that cleanliness must be maintained properly so as not to be a place of growth and development of disease-causing bacteria.

Jiri Hulcr and colleagues from Raleigh, NC said that although the navel is not the place that used to do research. But there are many things that can be known from this small organ.

There are some interesting facts about udel little-known communities, as quoted by MSNBC and, Saturday (23/04/2011), namely:

1. The navel or belly udel on is one part that is protected so that it becomes a safe haven for normal skin microbes.

2. Udel not produce a special secretion, such as oil or other body parts that are protected, such as nose or armpit. So the microbial flora that is in the navel adequately represent the entire body.

3. All placental mammals have a navel or udel would have, but generally udel more clearly seen in humans than other mammals.

4. People who have a form udel protruding or bulging commonly known by the less than normal, and no difference with the navel that goes into it except its shape.

5. Researchers revealed that the ideal form of udel a woman is small and shaped like the letter T, while the less attractive udel is horizontal and prominent.

6. Udel has a variety of names, but technically known as the ‘navel’ is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘nafela’. While the Romans called it the ‘umbilicus’ and the Greeks called it ‘omphalotomy’.

7. Udel in pregnant women will look outstanding, it is because of weight gain that makes the pressure greater.



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