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Men Sexy Body Because of Contaminated Water

London, Ass dense and prominent can give the impression section on women, but a bit strange if owned by a man. Contaminated water suspected estrogen can trigger changes in the form of a man’s ass, to be voluptuous and not proportional.

Contamination or female sex hormone estrogen in the white water consumed daily could come from anywhere. Time shampoo, soap, medicines HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and also birth control pills include estrogen sources of pollution in drinking water.

Plastics are used as mineral water packaging mentioned can also release the hormone estrogen. In addition, other beauty products such as milk cleansers and nail polish remover is also pollute ground water if disposed of carelessly.

Ben Lauder-Dykes, health experts from No1 Fitness Studio in London called the contaminant such as foreign or foreign estrogen estrogen. Compounds that are normally not needed by the body of a man, but go through the water consumed daily.

From time to time, foreign estrogen contamination continues to rise and trigger changes in body shape in some men today. According to Lauder-Dykes, the change is characterized by the enlargement of the male body at the bottom, especially the buttocks and hips.

Normally, excess weight gain in men is more focused on the middle of the body especially the stomach. Whereas in women who do have higher estrogen levels, being overweight is generally concentrated at the bottom starting from thighs to hips.

Not only make a man’s body to be impressed ‘voluptuous’, foreign estrogen contamination that could also endanger the health of men in general. Quoted from TheSun, Thursday (21/04/2011), had the effect of an increased risk of prostate cancer and reproductive disorders alias barren.

Some health experts in the United States helped to justify the opinion of Lauder-Dykes. For the men, estrogen levels rise beyond reasonable limits can lead to metabolic disturbances that ultimately can lead to obesity or overweight.



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