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Risks Behind Work Demanding Stand

Some jobs such as SPG (Sales Promotion Girl) requires that a person stands up for hours. This condition could actually cause some effects on health.

Standing posture is one of the true human nature does not cause a particular health hazard. But if done in the long term this will affect the body’s condition, as well as dangers of sitting too long.

Working in a standing position for long periods on a regular basis can lead to foot pain, leg swelling, varicose veins, general muscular fatigue, low back pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders, as quoted by the Canadian Center of Occupational Health and Safety, Saturday (23/42011) .

This is because the body is affected by the arrangement of work areas and limit the worker’s body positions in the move. As a result the body’s workers have little freedom of movement and become more rigid. Lack of flexibility of the body will cause health problems.

Working in a standing position in the short term will cause inconvenience and finally if it can be resulted in an ongoing severe health problems and chronic.

Too long standing to make the muscles become stiff, so effectively can reduce the blood supply to the muscles. As a result blood flow is reduced so that the accelerating onset of fatigue and causes pain in the muscles of the back, legs and neck (muscles are used to maintain body position).

Workers do not just feel the muscle tension but also other inconveniences such as the gathering of blood in the legs, and standing too long resulting in inflammation of blood vessels. The inflammation is from time to time develop into a chronic and painful varicose veins.

It also can cause the joints in the spine, hips, knees and feet become like locks that would trigger a degenerative rheumatic disease due to damage to the tendons and ligaments (structures that bind bone muscle).

Even so some things can be done to reduce the impact of workers’ unpleasant, ie:

1. Using comfortable footwear and does not change the shape of the foot. If you must use a high-heeled shoes should choose a small or less than 5 cm.
2. Try to sit on the sidelines of work time or at least when there is a break
3. Doing stretching regularly eg at least 30 minutes or 1 hour, stretching done to reduce the pressure on the legs, shoulders, neck and head.
4. Changing working position on a regular basis, so that a person only has one position in a certain period.



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