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World’s oldest man Hoping Life Up to 120 Years

A man known to have been 114 years old celebrating his birthday in a countryside in Japan, on Tuesday (20 / 4). He celebrated with a breakfast grilled freshwater fish, miso soup, red beans and rice. Not to forget, on that anniversary he prayed to live until age 120 years.

Former postal worker named Jirouemon Kimura said he was shocked when officials at the Japanese Kyotango City West claims he is the oldest man in the world after the death of a retired railroad worker on 14 April.

After hearing the news, I feel this is a great honor, he said. What’s the secret to a long life Kimura for? Eat less and stop when my stomach was 80 percent full, he said.

City officials were also described Kimura as a highly alert and thinking clearly. It was seen when Kimura was given the questions for 50 minutes and sit in an upright position.

Kimura was the father of 7 children and grandfather of 14 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren, and 11 canggah. He has worked at the local post office for 40 years and then farmed until he was 90. According to family members he spent most of his time in bed, but still able to walk with a walker and always ate three meals a day.



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