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Besse Cooper World’s Oldest Person

OF the many categories at the World Age Records, one of which includes the oldest person who ever lived. Who is he? As quoted from The Telegraph, Tuesday (19 / 4), the oldest man now living is a woman named Besse Cooper with 114 years of age. He was born in Tennessee in 1896 and … Continue reading

E-mail and Tweet make Brain Work Hard

New Study proves that e–mail, SMS, and tweet, and status updates may damage mental health. It is said, modern technology can damage the mind because we are bombarded with too much information. The rise of smartphones make us become more proficient (multitasking) like being able to switch attention to a lot of writing sepertu e–mail … Continue reading

Breath Test Can Detect Cancer

RESEARCHERS have developed a tool in the form of an electronic nose that can sniff out cancer cells through our breath. This tool is able to distinguish between people who are diseased and healthy. The researchers also believe the tool is useful to identify patients with head and neck cancer is often diagnosed late. They … Continue reading

World’s oldest man Hoping Life Up to 120 Years

A man known to have been 114 years old celebrating his birthday in a countryside in Japan, on Tuesday (20 / 4). He celebrated with a breakfast grilled freshwater fish, miso soup, red beans and rice. Not to forget, on that anniversary he prayed to live until age 120 years. Former postal worker named Jirouemon … Continue reading

Efficacy of ‘Viagra’ in a Bottle of Beer

London, Overcoming impotence or impotence is now not have to do with taking drugs or herbs that tastes bitter. Especially male erectile herb plants will be coming soon in the form of beer, the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world. Beer-called Royal Virility Performance will be launched simultaneously with the fanfare Royal Wedding, which … Continue reading

Wow! There’s Special Condoms for the Lust Weak

After attending the beer Viagra, herb plants erections for impotent men now present again in other forms that are equally unique. Impotence drug that will be used to coat a special condom that can arouse penis lackluster. Special Condoms will be made ​​and marketed by the largest companies in the world of Durex. Process antiimpotensi … Continue reading

Extend Penis with Longer Tools Proven Safer

Turin, There is no more effective way to lengthen the penis other than surgery, although how this high-risk lead to complications. Among other methods of penile lengthening surgery, the use of Longer tool proved most effective at the same time secure. Tool with a spring clamp to pull the foreskin away from the base is … Continue reading

Million Dollar Fund for Malaria Drugs in Africa Stolen

Funds donated millions of dollars to eradicate malaria have been stolen in recent years. The funds are even hundreds of millions of dollars, far exceeding the previous theft allegations. Internal investigation by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria within two months of launching a new anti-corruption program after the confidential documents received … Continue reading

Men Sexy Body Because of Contaminated Water

London, Ass dense and prominent can give the impression section on women, but a bit strange if owned by a man. Contaminated water suspected estrogen can trigger changes in the form of a man’s ass, to be voluptuous and not proportional. Contamination or female sex hormone estrogen in the white water consumed daily could come … Continue reading

Breast When Pregnant Natural Change Like This

Breast size can change as enlarged, especially when someone is pregnant. But what changes experienced during pregnancy breast? Breasts are part of the body that are sensitive and have complex physiological structures. The inside of the breast consists of fatty tissue and mammary glands. Generally breast changes began to occur after he reached puberty. When … Continue reading