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Hello world!

Welcome to After you read this, you should delete and write your own post, with a new title above. Or hit Add New on the left (of the admin dashboard) to start a fresh post. Here are some suggestions for your first post. You can find new ideas for what to blog about by … Continue reading

Christina Hendricks shows off her curves as a naked assassin in scenes filmed before she was famous

As Mad Men’s Joan Holloway her hourglass curves have caused a sensation in her tight Sixties dresses.But her fans have only been able to fantasise about what lies beneath Christina Hendricks’ costumes.Now images have emerged of Christina in the short-lived U.S. sci-fi series Firefly from 2002, in which viewers got to see a lot more … Continue reading

Jada Pinkett: Smiths Not Special For Me!

Jada Pinkett also revealed that their daily life is also very standard like other families. They used to gather with family to do housework. Their lives are also not as busy as it seems.   “We spent much time together. I often do outdoor with kids. But their father rarely come along, because he did … Continue reading

Amy Winehouse Poisoning!

 27 years old singer is currently undergoing an intensive recovery at a clinic in Londonafter suffering food poisoning. Not yet clear what caused the poisoning AmyWinehouse, but she had said that she felt very nauseous.“Right now Amy is being treated at the clinic due to food poisoning,“said a source, asreported by the newspaper The Sun.“He did not say what he eats. He just said that her stomach queasy,“ continued thesource. The source also went on that the singer is now working on a follow-up album titledBACK TO BLACK is indeed vulnerable to various health problems. Most likely, it is because Amy has a history of drug addiction. Until now, the state of Amy still has not fully recovered. But he was heading for the health recovery process.

Arriba! Kate Bosworth shows off her sizzling figure by going topless on the beach in Mexico

Kate Bosworth showed the world that she was a free and easy Californian girl at heart when she dared to bare and go topless on the beach in Mexico yesterday. The 28-year-old Blue Crush star is currently on holiday in Cancun and ditched her black and white bikini top to get an all-over tan as … Continue reading

Lady GaGa Got The NewNowNex Awards

Perhaps not as popular NewNowNext Awards Grammy Awards and her age was only about four years. Even so, an annual event held by the television network this logoturned out to have a special meaning for Lady GaGa. Because the Lifetime Achievement award was also given NewNowNext Awards this year was very specialfor the singer who always look ‘unique‘is.In the news reported by Splash News mentioned that this year’s Awards are alwaysthick nuanced gay and lesbian gives awards Always Now, Forever Next Awards forLady GaGa. Unfortunately, this Italian-blooded singer could not come in person toreceive the awards are submitted by Perez Hilton this. Instead, Lady GaGa comes in the form of video recordings containing speech gratitude.Wearing a black leather outfit and dark glasses, Lady GaGa was recalled three yearsago when he attended the awards ceremony. “Thank you so much for Believing inme, for supporting me. Thank you for the Always Next, Forever Now Award, “saidStefani pop singer‘s full name is Joanne Angelina Germanotta.

Stress Pre Apocalypse, Kirsten Dunst "Naked"

Old Hollywood was starring in the popular film, Kirsten Dunst seems this time would have re-emerged and became a headline. The reason, in his new movie, Kirsten aka dare appear innocent naked! Kirsten courage in acting was revealed in the movie trailer MELANCHOLIA. In the film, Kirsten looks are lying without a benangpun covering his … Continue reading

Rihanna Impatient to Tap Britney Spears’s Ass

It is undeniable, a collaboration between Rihanna and Britney Spears fans have been waiting for. In addition to a chic, especially if not controversy the two stars who like to look ‘hot‘at this stage? ‘Hope‘ is likely to be granted by Rihanna are no longer shy indulgence in controversy with keseksiannya. In a radio interview, … Continue reading

Oops, High Heels makes GAGA fell on Stage!

This time Lady GaGa hit rock! After the ‘stubborn‘ wearing shoes with high and forms the ‘impossible‘, GAGA was found fell backward on the stage because of the jump from the piano with super high heels! Maybe it‘s time GAGA also bought a pair of flat shoes. The reason, in an appearance in the series … Continue reading

Britney Spears, Hollywood’s Sexiest Mom

Got Mom a Hollywood star? Wow, must be proud, if the mother is able to balance the world keartisan and her role as mother. One of them is Britney Spears, who was named the ‘sexiest mama‘ in the ranks of Hollywood stars. A unique, this is enough ‘not appropriate‘ for Britney because until now she … Continue reading